The End of Two Weeks

I was invited to be a guest blogger a couple of weeks ago and jumped right in with a piece that day. I probably filed more pieces than I should have, but I was testing the principle that if you have a place to write, you will find something to write about. I think the principle is true. Several times a day a topic occurred to me, something I would not ordinarily write about, most of which I didn’t use. So I had something to say.

I never felt that I hit the right tone, but thanks for the invitation and the opportunity. I am always glad to see another corner of the world, one that combines people and resources in new ways. And which says interesting things about communication. The web circumvents so many limitations. For good or ill, anyone can set up a platform for his views transcending all sorts of boundaries. I was floored when someone in my son’s California ward told him that I was writing for this network.

I could never manage to comment on comments due to some glitch, so I will close by commenting on the Ship Brooklyn event coming up on Feb. 7th. I hope the Wengers will come, with children, who are invited. It will be nice to see them again. But I warn that the preliminary activities will be outdoors and no chairs will be provided. The list of prospective attendees will be turned in a week in advance for a refreshment count and added to for a few days after.

Best to all.

5 comments for “The End of Two Weeks

  1. I too hope we hear from you again. And please get that comment-glitch fixed, we’re all poorer because of it.

  2. Wow, has it been two weeks already? It has been great having you here as a guest.

    I hope we’ll hear from you again. And in any case, I’ll look for you at the Brooklyn event.

  3. As for the right tone, you helped to define it. We were all the richer for two weeks, and now are all the poorer.

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