Bloggernacking again . . .

The bloggernacle is humming lately. Some highlights:

  • Newcomer Celibate in the city is an entertaining blog dealing with “The Misadventures of Urban Dating for a Mormon Woman Outside of Utah” (It looks like she’s writing from New York). She’s funny and she kisses — single LDS fellows in New York might want to consider e-mailing her.
  • At BCC, Aaron Brown has thoughts on an area of concern — the apparently widespread perception that any members’ intellectual concerns “aren’t really intellectual issues at all, but rather indications of sexual sin.” Aaron also has a funny and insightful post about how to identify prophecy, while our own Kristine discusses the church perception that non-members don’t do service.
  • Jeremy over at Orson’s Telescope rightfully takes Meridian Magazine to task for its shameful endorsement of Holocaust denial.
  • The Sons of Mosiah have found a Himni to add to their Aaron and Omner (no one is Ammon, as their motto sometimes asserts). They are also writing about whether women really progress in the church.
  • Dave (who is a bit harder to keep up with now that he has two blogs) suggests that we can solve the pledge debate by just stating “One nation, under God, or not, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
  • And, Eric James Stone keeps winning writing contests. Can anyone say “The next Orson Scott Card?” (My frustrated inner sci-fi author is so jealous).
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    1. How is membership in the bloggernacle defined? Do you just have to be Mormon and have a blog, or does your blog have to be about Mormon stuff? Is there a big list somewhere, like maybe on Nate Oman’s computer or something?


    2. John,

      Let’s see, you have to be Mormon, be a blogger, and not be a Haglund. Do you qualify? :)

      But seriously, the bloggernacle is the entire Mormon blogosphere. We’ve got most of them on our blog roll on the side bar; if we’re missing any (and we probably are), it’s due to inadvertence.

      I occasionally post about interesting stuff I’ve seen on other LDS blogs. There’s no rhyme or reason to it — if I read something recently and liked it, it may make the list.

      I definitely don’t have time to read the entire bloggernacle very thoroughly. If you (or anyone else) has an interesting post they would like to let me (or anyone else here) know about, you can feel free to e-mail us.

    3. Thank you for the endorsements! My traffic has tripled. I’m thrilled about the great response. I’ve got lots of work that needs procrastinating so I’ll be blogging often.

    4. >Let’s see, you have to be Mormon,

      >be a blogger,

      >and not be a Haglund.

      Seriously, though, my only real question is whether a person has to write about Mormon stuff to be part of the Mormon blogosphere. My blog is new, and I haven’t written anything Mormony yet. Maybe I will, but I seem to get that all out of my system by commenting here.

      Anyway, thanks for responding, Kaimi. You guys run a real classy operation here. And if I ever write anything that I think would interest everybody else (or even anybody else), I’ll drop you a line.


    5. Yet another Writers of the Future update
      I got a phone call from the contest administrator today, letting me know that “Betrayer of Trees” is the second-place winner for the quarter. That means a prize of $750, the opportunity to be published in their 2005 anthology, and…

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