And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for

The votes are in on the Post of the Month ballots for April 2004. Kaimi has plugged the numbers into the Excel spreadsheet that knows all, and in a fun twist, Kristine Haglund Harris was narrowly edged out by . . . Kristine Haglund Harris!

The top vote-getter was Kristine’s original, thoughtful, and alliteratively-titled post “Laundry, Lizards, and the Sisters of Lazarus” at By Common Consent. It’s an insightful discussion of Mary and Martha, and the difficulty of making time for gospel study among the many mundanities of life — I encourage everyone to go read it.

That post narrowly beat out Kristine’s post at Times and Seasons, “On the Bearing of Complicated and Complicating Testimony.” (As we’ve all noticed, Kristine has a penchant for clever titles — not to mention clever posts).

Congratulations Kristine on your excellent April post(s). I’ll be consulting with my co-bloggers to see if we can think of an appropriately wacky prize. And thanks to everyone who participated in this process. We’ll see you again next month.

10 comments for “And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for

  1. I should add that the other posts nominated were also excellent (as well as many posts that were not nominated). From our panel, there were votes cast for every single nominated post. Many other posts scored high on the ballots. Just not as high as either of Kristine’s two posts.

  2. Congratulations, KHH. The comments to ‘complicated and complicating’ were fabulous, true, but as I understand it the judges vote on the basis of the post alone, so the honor here would be attributable to the excellence of KHH’s original post. Again, congratulations.

  3. This is really embarrassing. I think Julie’s comment on my Mary and Martha post is much better than the original post, and the testimony post also, I think, only seemed good because the meandering comments generated so many interesting ideas. But hey, thanks for making me look good!

  4. Hopper,

    I think I may have messed up the cookies code when I was trying to add javascript buttons. I’ll look into it when I have a moment.

  5. How can you beat a post about lizards and lazarus! Google ads thoughtfully offered me a laundry spot remover ad to go with it : ) Congrats Kristine! And thanks Kaimi, I would have missed that one if not for this contest.

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