Over at his blog, Davis Bell is wondering who the single bloggernackers are. Now I’m not going to harrass LDS singles for not being married yet — I’ll leave that to your meddling Aunt Melba. But if you’re a single bloggernacker or reader and want to let Davis know, drop him a comment. Off the top of my head, I think there are at least a half dozen or more single bloggernackers: Payne, Celibate, Arwyn, Eric Stone, Jan, hmm, there are probably several that I’m forgetting. (All of the T & S regulars are married, but we’ve had single guest bloggers, in Melissa and Ben).

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  1. When will T&S stop discriminating against poor unmarrieds and bring a single into their stable of permanent bloggers? Maybe I should call Rev. Jackson and tell him about this– I’m pretty sure he’d agree that it’s a replay of Selma, Alabama all over again.

  2. Mmm…define single.

    Although I’m not married, I’m not sure that Davis is looking for me to sign up at his site.

  3. Why not? What definitions of single do you not meet? (“Single = never married,” maybe?)

    Myself, I went and commented before reading the post and realizing that what this guy really wants is a list of the GIRL single Mormon bloggers. Good luck getting hooked up, DB.

  4. Yes, that’s what I meant, JDP. I’m not a girl, at least, I don’t think I am. And I’m… 46, a 46-year old guy with a pot-belly and bad haircut. I’m definitely NOT who he is looking to sign up there.

  5. Beethoven was a middle-aged single guy with bad hair & a pot belly, so you’re in good company, D. Fletcher.

  6. Yeah, but everyone (by which I mean myself) expects 46-year old guys to score high on paunch and low on hair. Worse to be a single gentleman under thirty (by which I also mean myself) and already meeting outward-appearance expectations for middle age. So I’m more pathetic than you, DF. Hooray! I win!

  7. D. Fletcher and JDP,

    You give me too little credit. Although I was mostly kidding about serving as an, I did think it would be interesting to see who is single and who is married. You’re now both down on my list of eligible single LDS bloggers. Let’s not let the Man (who, as we all know, is married) get us down.


  8. Hmm, I read it that he wanted to know who the singles were in general. Sort of create some sort of intra-bloggernacle friendster-esque central location for singles. Perhaps I read it wrong. (It’s been a while since I was single myself, maybe I no longer understand the language as well as I thought I did :) ).

  9. Um, pretty sure The Man is single. If he were married, don’t you think his wife would either make him stop being so mean, or at least make him go by “The Couple?”

  10. There’s just no way the Man is single. No way. Think about it: Have we ever had a single President? (To my knowledge, we’ve never elected one, although a few were widowed in office). Same goes for Prophets, Bishops, CEOs, High School Principals, Scoutmasters, and every other cog in the Establishment machine. Singles are so counterculture.

  11. Some President was elected single.

    Jefferson? His daughter was his First Lady.

    Cleveland? He was actually married in the White House.

    I could have wrong information, but I seem to remember…

  12. 3)      Only two presidents were unmarried while in office.  Name them and give their specific marital status.     James Buchanan- single; Thomas Jefferson- widower

    I almost forgot, James Buchanan, the gay President!

  13. Yes, clearly, The MAN is married.

    James Buchanan was never the MAN, but then came Lincoln…

  14. As my ward SA rep was quick to point out recently, were he in your ward, President Hinckley would be a part of the Singles program now.

    I don’t know if he blogs though…

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