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(Note to Kaimi–I hope I am allowed to do this without starting a turf war.)

Recently, Aaron B’s reputation for the funniest comment ever was challenged here at T & S. (Too lazy to link for you. Find it yourself.) I would like to help Aaron reclaim his honor by directing you here.

Which, of course, does not imply that I approve of his prank.

6 comments for “Around the Blogs

  1. Even if Aaron has been challenged on the funniest comment ever, I think we need to evaluate him for the body of his work, and on that scale, he has no peer. I am just soooo thankful that I was not in his mission.

  2. By the way, Julie, it’s no problem doing an around the blogs post. There’s more than enough turf in the bloggernacle to go around.

  3. I must admit I found the whole idea very amusing, but it wasn’t laugh out loud amusing.

    I think the funniest comment should require your monitor to be cleaned off.

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