Oman as Evidence of the Book of Mormon

No, not Nate Oman or David Oman McKay. I’m talking about the country of Oman — in fact, the entire Arabian peninsula. Jeff Lindsay explains over at Mormanity:

Some of these photos help demonstrate the plausibility of the place Bountiful in First Nephi, said to be due east of Nahom/Nehhem, which puts Bountiful on Oman. Remember, it’s a place the anti-Mormons have said simply couldn’t be there. (They also denied the possibility of the River Laman in the Valley of Lemuel, and now we’ve got photos of an entirely plausible candidate for that, thanks to the Nephi Project.)

Does Oman provide evidence of the Book of Mormon? Check out Lindsay’s site and decide for yourself!

2 comments for “Oman as Evidence of the Book of Mormon

  1. Kaimi, Thanks for linking Jeff’s site. I am thrilled to see another Mormon from Wisconsin in the Bloggernacle.

    With regard to the Book of Mormon evidences, it seems like we have been down this road before. I cannot see spending good chunks of my day on this sort of thing, but I am happy to have other people do it. We all accept, I trust, that this sort of research will not establish the truth of the Book of Mormon. And I suspect that most of it will have not influence those who have already made up their mind one way or the other about the Book of Mormon. Nevertheless, offering plausible counterarguments to those who claim that the Book of Mormon cannot be true is worthwhile, especially for people who are coming to the Book for the first time.

  2. Oman provides the first real archeological evidence supporting the BoM. However, it’s strongest use, as Gordon points out, is not in _proving the BoM true_, but in adding to the list of _impossiblilities_ that Joseph Smith could have written it/i.e. that it must be inspired.

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