Thanks, Fred

Fred beat me to the punch announcing the end of his stint as a guest blogger, but I want to thank him anyway, even if tardily. Fred not only raised issues that generated much discussion, he set an even and friendly tone in them and in his responses. He showed many of us how we can talk to each other about matters over which we may have deep disagreements and remain civil. And I don’t think anyone–guest blogger or permanent–has been as conscientious about replying to those who responded to his blogs.

Thanks very much Fred.

2 comments for “Thanks, Fred

  1. Fred: I will always admire the prescience of the skydiver who had a main chute, a backup chute, and, just in case, a .38 (properly licensed). I only wish he’d been on the sqaud of Flying Elvi that brought such class to the Stadium of Fire a few years back. Can you imagine?

  2. I’d have paid money to see that (even if Sean Hannity were emceeing). For my part, your suggestion of the falling parachutist sword-fight was unforgettable.

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