Absolute confirmed irrebuttable evidence of a local flood

Let’s answer this debate once and for all, the easy way. Was the flood local? Sure it was. That’s easy. How do I know? Simple: If the flood were global, then Cain would have drowned. Q.E.D.

Ask me something hard.

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  1. No. No. No. Cain and wife snuck on the arc as Sasquatch-like creatures. I learned about this on my mission.

  2. Duh, Kaimi. Don’t you remember the “walking on the bottom of the lake” scene from Highlander? That’s exactly how it happened.

  3. Maybe Cain evolved into a fish and we know that there were no acquatic beasties on the ark, since it wouldn’t have been big enough to hold them all. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Aaron B

  4. The flood never covered Mt. Ararat. Cain stayed there, trying to catch birds for food, which is why Genesis 8:9 says “the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot” (because Cain kept scaring it away). He finally caught one, as evidenced in Genesis 8:12 which says Noah “sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more”.

    Poor dove.

  5. perhaps any man still living after 6,000 years is not normal–i don’t doubt he could have survived, though probably not by his own intervention.

    unless he got a good grip on that anchor…

  6. I don’t think Cain could even survive for that long anyway. There is a lot of things that Joseph Smith said that could be strictly opinion. The Sasquatch is really a species of Giganto. What’s more, the Lamanites know about the Sasquatch. Every tribe has a legend about Sasquatch, and it’s definitely an animal rather than a human being.

    Cain could not survive. He’s dead now, waiting his resurrection.

  7. RE: #6

    He clung to the side like a very hairy barnacle. What did he eat for 10 months? He scooped up little fishies. How did he go unseen? A magic ring. “Yesssss, my precioussss.”

  8. How do we explain the garden of Eden being here in the U.S. if the flood did not cover most of the earth? I am not trying to start an argument, but I am a little curious how this could be explained with Noah never having been over here in the first place. Or, how did he get over there, if he did start out over here?

  9. CEF #14: The general idea is that Noah was swept down the flooded Mississippi River, into the Gulf of Mexico, across the Atlantic Ocean, and into the Mediterranean Sea, where he landed near modern-day Turkey. Such a voyage could easily be accomplished in the year he spent in the ark.

  10. #14, I have always looked at the questionable side. I have studied this issue and was not able to determine just exactly where in the world Eden would have been, same with the valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahmen in ancient times. Although there is a place in Missouri called this, it cannot be concluded that it is the original dwelling place. The transaltion of the word as I recall merely means- Adam to God, or the place where Adam the patriarch rules. I would suggest that wherever it is that Adam dwells on his throne is called this place.

    Because the world was destryoed, the land masses have changed locations and topography. As far as Noah sailing down the Mississippi, I would highly doubt it because this continent with it’s topography has been drastically rearranged because of the flood.

    An interesting note here is that the the place where Noah landed was probably somewhere in the valleys surrounding present day Ararat, these valleys are at approximately 7,000 above current sea level.

  11. Elder Vaughn Featherstone, general authority emeritus, said that Cain is not alive and living on the earth as many people incorrectly believe. I heard this directly from him as he lives in my ward. Now you can stop worrying about Big Bad Cain.

  12. If the flood was total and killed all animals (except fish) that were not on the ark, and the ark landed on Turkish mountains, then wouldn’t Turkey be the epicenter for richest and most diverse animal forms on the planet. Where are the Turkish kangaroos, kiwis, and llamas?

  13. You forgot lemurs. They (and their fossils) are only found on the island of Madigascar. Seems most of that year was spent navigating to and from there to make sure they (and the dodos) got home safe.

  14. If the earth has to be baptized then it seems reasonable to assume that it should be fully immersed in water just like any acceptable baptism. When it comes to Cain, I myself am at a loss as to what I should think. Perhaps a part of his curse as a fugitive and vagabond is that he simply cannot die and anyone who tries to kill him will be cursed as well. General authorities such as Vaughn Featherstone can have their opinions just like Spencer W. Kimball did when he quoted an earlier apostle in The Miracle of Forgiveness who wrote about meeting a large, hairy creature that identified itself as Cain and claimed to go about seeking to destroy the souls of men. Furthermore, I know people who claim to have seen bigfoot.

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