Church History Symposium

The 2018 Church History Symposium will be held on March 1st & 2cd. They’re doing it in two locations. The first day will be at BYU while the second day will be at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. This is a pretty big conference with the focus on finance. Looking through the presentations there are a ton of fascinating topics.

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  1. It is great they are doing it in two locations. The LDS Conference Center Theater will be a phenomenal venue – and hopefully one they continue using in the future.

  2. Yeah, that really speaks to a big push from the Church towards open history to allow use of the Conference Center.

  3. They’ve been splitting the symposium between the two locations for a least the last few years, largely because most of the presenters (and the program committees) tend to be either Church History and Doctrine profs or CHL employees.

  4. I’ve just been so busy the past few years I didn’t even notice it had been at the Conference Center. Too many conferences far, far too little time. Hopefully many of these presentations end up published.

  5. Regarding the timing, the BYU Church History Symposium is held the same week each year, and RootsTech decided to join us. We hope many people will be able to sample both events.

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